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Music, as any not even the most corrosive lover of exact facts knows, is not alien to all living persons. Due to the relentless informing of the general public by the media, it  is well aware of whale singing. And not only humpbacked, but also Greenlandish, whose songs in the amount of one hundred eighty-four pieces were recorded by oceanologists, referring them to a kind of jazz improvisation. But not only the whales are particularly musical - whoever does not sing in the wild - from birds, of course, to shrimp. In that part of the wildlife that is observed right outside our windows, cats from time to time demonstrate their musical talents, but this, however, does not apply ...

Unlike people, especially those who are heavily armed with all the Internet resources available to them, animals are not inclined to record videos, make presentations, post videos on the Internet, prepare news messages on radio or television, so their need for free music is extremely low. From time to time, people have to do all this.

The incredible demand for free music today contributes to its uninterrupted provision to all those in need on a huge number of special sites. But in order to avoid unwanted communication with extremely unfriendly organizations that monitor everything that somehow reminds them of copyright infringement, one must very well imagine what kind of beast such free music is and where it can be used.

It's no secret that the creation of music is a somewhat time-consuming process, requiring special talents from creating it and the presence of many strange adaptations. But the amazing result of this process captures any human individual, forcing him to repeat and repeat listening again and again. This feature makes it extremely attractive to accompany all that you want to attract attention with suitable musical material. This is exactly what everyone does, not forgetting, of course, about the necessary payments to music authors, as provided by law. By purchasing special licenses.

But the license of the license is different. As well as the scope of their application. If your video or presentation does not pursue commercial goals, then you can safely use free music. A Creative Commons special license is exactly what you need.

Whether it’s about video clips for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, video game accompaniment, television and radio broadcasts - everything that is not related to the topic of commercial activity can be accompanied by free music.

There are several Creative Commons license options. We will deal with them:

- Creative Commons by - you can distribute your project, accompanying it with free music, with the obligatory condition of attribution by special links.

- Creative Commons by-sa - distribution of a derivative project with the same free music is possible on the same conditions - Copyleft.

- Creative Commons by-nd - the situation is the same, but without permission to distribute derivative works.

- Creative Commons by-nc - a reminder of the exclusively non-commercial use of free music, attribution is obligatory.

- Creative Commons by-nc-sa - repeats the previous situation, but with Copyleft.

- Creative Commons by-nc-nd, again the previous situation, but without Copyleft. And do not forget about the link to the author.

If you are nevertheless aimed at the commercial use of your project, but are not ready for the costs, expressed in numbers with a large number of signs, to fill the planet with sounds, then the Royalty Free license comes into effect.

Understanding the essence of free music is not accessible to the mind of shrimp, which is why it does not post video on the Internet. A humpback whale with its jazz improvisations, perhaps, could. Will anyone link to it?





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